SNES Castlevania - Dracula’s Castle Edition

Another elaborate mod from Vadu Amka, and a perfect project to start the Halloween month with! I love it all — the miniature skull, coffin, whip, chains, and bloody claw marks. You can also see in-progress shots of the commissioned custom console in this video she posted a couple days.

Via: tinycartridge

Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) is on sale for $15!

Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) is on sale for $15, you should definitely pick it up

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In honor of the release of Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS today. I’m unveiling my latest creation entitled: The Original King of Smash.

Before some other characters tried to settle things with Smash, this BIG Guy was the one that coined the term “SMASH”. Show’em who’s their Daddy with this print.

Green Edition:

Grey Edition:

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